Minuit Machine

FRA // Paris, France



Minuit Machine is a synthwave French duo created by Hélène de Thoury in the summer of 2013.

Hélène starts composing synthetic dark and compelling melodies. Amandine Stioui was looking for a music project with a soul, something emotional and passionate. She contacted Hélène, sent her a demo of « Agoraphobia », and the rest is history.
Some describe this band as a « perfect musical match between Hélène’s sounds and Amandine’s voice, like a delicate darkwave hand in a crushed velvet coldwave glove » (extract from a review in Dark Veil Gothic ».
In October 2013, Hélène and Amandine self-released an EP, « Blue Moon », including their hits « Agoraphobia » and « She Devil ».
In October 2014, they released their first LP « Live & Destroy » under the French label « Desire ». « Live & Destroy » has been reviewed and ranked in many webzines. It has been described as a « masterpiece of harmonic illustrations of lost souls », and a « cold romance we can’t stop listening to » (indiemusic blog).

Since January 2014, Amandine and Hélène have been touring all around Europe, spreading their powerful but yet touching music


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