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XTR HUMAN are about disruption and estrangement, the collapse and the doubt. In their songs they look behind the curtain and seek answers to the eternal questions that concern us all.

It is just a consequence that this search also affects the musical layer of XTR HUMAN. With their mélange of post punk, coldwave and shoegaze they break new ground and move away from the paths well-trodden in contemporary music. Hence creating a unique and primordial mixture between tradition and innovation that never sounds stale, but fresh and full of energy. Powerful bass lines meet lofty synthesizer; mighty and forceful guitar walls meet vibrant beats all complimented by commanding and formidable vocals as if chased by a mysterious desperation.

Every note, every effect has its place and is meticulously performed with conscientious effort. In recording, XTR HUMAN took their time. The album „Atavism“ came with a wide range of facets, presenting each song with its own particular character and overall producing a unique and haunting harmonic portrait of the band. Latest record „In Circles“ (20/11/2015 on No Emb Blanc) though more punky than its new wave styled predecessor continues this tradition. Often melancholic, cold and technoid, but it is never without a residual and ultimately a bright spark of hope; this bright spark coming in the form of lyricist and enigmatic front man Johannes.


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