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Exile Queen

Nina Belief

Identity Crisis

Nina Belief

Ice In Air

Nina Belief

Safety In Strangers

Nina Belief

Esprit Collage

Nina Belief

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NINA BELIEF is Tushna from Miami, USA, and already known from being the female half of RONIN, but here recording solo. She has already appeared with “Android Emotions” on the “We’re Punch addicted” compilation CD (Punch Records) and is now delighting the world with five more fantastic songs from the realms of the analog synth underground. Like the other usual suspects (the analog synth freaks from the US: Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato Du Mal, etc.) she appears to only play original early 80’s analog synthesizers and drum machines (Roland CR-78, TR-808, Boss DR-110), which gives this music much heart and soul, and authenticity – for Anna it makes the difference! The music is cold and dark, due to the vocals some similarities to The Vyllies (“Exile Queen”), November Növelet, and also Anne Clark (“Ice in Air”). This is the first release on newly founded German label No Emb Blanc Records, actually a side label of Genetic Music. Well done, Tushna.

[ — Marc Schaffer, ANNA LOGUE RECORDS ]


Release: neb001

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